At School

TEACHER: “What’s 2n plus 2n?”
STUDENT: “I don’t know, it’s 4n to me!


What has eight legs and eight eyes?
(Eight pirates!)

Make Seven Even

How can you make seven even?
(Take away the “s”!)

Math and Desert

What is a mathematician’s favorite dessert?

Apples Joke

If you had 8 apples in one hand and 5 apples in the other, what would you have?
(Really big hands!)

Funny Ehh!?

Why did the student do multiplication problems on the floor?
(The teacher told her not to use tables!)

Math Talk

What did the tree say to the math teacher?

Math Teachers

What kind of meals do math teachers eat?
(Square meals!)

Sad Math Book

Why was the math book sad?
(Because it had too many problems!)

Statistics Joke

Do you know a statistics joke?
(Probably, but it’s mean!)

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